Discount Codes

This book is full of resources you should look into further, but I wanted to showcase a few of them here. I’ve even been able to negotiate some pretty good discounts with some of them for you. They were nice enough to provide a discount, but I can’t guarantee how long it will be valid—the discount and terms of the offer can be changed by them at anytime.

LegalZoomLegalZoom ( – They can help you form an LLC or Corporation. I’ve used them. They do great work. Use code: 8HOURS at checkout to receive $10 off any service they provide.

The Company CorporationThe Company Corporation ( – They specialize in forming LLCs and Corporations. Use code: OTHER8 at checkout to receive $50 off their services.

GrasshopperGrasshopper ( – They provide an inexpensive virtual phone solution for small businesses starting at $9.95 a month. I’ve used them and highly recommend them. Go to to get the activation fee waived and 400 free minutes.

TimeSvrTimeSvr ( – Outsource your tasks on the cheap. They offer a unique “all you can eat” approach for $69 a month plus a free trial period to test it out. You’ve got nothing to lose by trying it—except for a bunch of tasks you want to offload! Use code: OTHER8 at checkout to receive 15% off their Personal or Dedicated plan for the first three months.

LogoWorksLogoworks ( – It’s hard to get that perfect logo, but it’s a lot easier when you use these guys. They create unique and eye-catching logos that won’t cost you a fortune. Use code: other8discount at checkout to receive 15% discount on logo design projects.

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