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The Other 8 Hours shows how anyone, anywhere can use even just a few extra minutes each day to make more money and feel more satisfied.

You’ll begin looking beyond your job, your commute, credit cards, or even just that gnawing feeling that life is sometimes passing you by. You’ll get fresh solutions for carving out more time. And you’ll find the inspiration to spend that free time in a more productive way — whether it is starting a business, writing a blog, losing weight, or developing a hobby.

It’s a whole new, clear-headed, do-able way to live life to the fullest. The Other 8 Hours takes you there using stories from my own personal experience. Countless examples of profiles of others. Proven research. And easy self-analysis tools to help you find and implement your own opportunities to get more time, money, and enrichment.


Do you have a “gap” between where you are and where you’d like to be? Maybe you have a mortgage you can’t afford, credit card debt you can’t get rid of, 20 pounds you can’t seem to lose, kids who are asleep before you get home every night, or a gnawing feeling that life is passing you by. If so, what’s the solution? Is it to sleep more? To work longer hours?

This book is about the 8 hours in the day when you are not working or sleeping. This “free” time is the most valuable resource you have to achieve your ideal life. Think about it. You lose 8 hours to sleep and you sell (at least) 8 hours to your job. That leaves just 8 more. What are you doing during the other 8 hours, and more importantly, what are the other 8 hours doing for you?

Look around. Anyone who is successful and lives a rich and meaningful life has used the other 8 hours. They’ve probably never even heard of this concept, but don’t kid yourself. They instinctively know this is the real “secret” to success and fulfillment. Day in and day out, while others squander this time, they have invested it.

How you spend the other 8 hours determines where you are in life, your happiness, your weight, your level of debt, the satisfaction you have with your relationships, the car you drive, the languages you speak, your love life, your education, the places you travel, your bank account balance, and just about everything else that is important to you.

It doesn’t really matter where your gaps are because the solution is the same. The only way to radically improve your life and your financial situation is to do something with the other 8 hours. This book will show you how to close the gaps in your life by investing the other 8 hours in yourself. It’s about resurrecting the goals and dreams you once had, creating new opportunities, and reclaiming your life.

Are you nervous? A little worried? Don’t let the title scare you. The Other 8 Hours is not about cramming more into an already overscheduled day—a full calendar doesn’t equal a full life. The Other 8 Hours is about focusing on those activities that are most important and getting you closer to living your ideal life. And look at it this way, you’re a natural. Unless you’re reading this while sleeping or working (tsk tsk), you’re already using your free time to improve yourself and your life.

The promise of The Other 8 Hours is to help you get more time, get more money, and get a life. The book is divided into four sections:

  • Get a Clue. Think free time is free? It’s not. This section lays the groundwork for why life begins at 5:00PM and why we desperately need the other 8 hours the escape from the Living Dead and the Dead Broke.

  • Get More Time. Chances are you are overworked, overscheduled, and overstressed. There’s too much to do and not enough time. You might feel pulled in a hundred different directions and have little hope of relief. If you’d be happy with just 8 minutes of free time, this section will show you how to create hours of additional free time each day so you can pursue those things that bring you closer to reaching your goals and provide happiness and meaning to your life.

  • Get More Money. There are a zillion strategies to help you improve your financial situation by cutting back on morning lattes, saving a little bit more each month, and investing in your 401(k). The problem with such traditional financial strategies is that the advice always comes down to cutting your expenses and saving money. This is a tried-and-true strategy, but for a lot of hard-working people who are already in debt and/or have already slashed expenses to the bone, it’s not enough.

    Traditional financial advice can also leave a lot of people frustrated and bored. “Cancel your cable TV subscription and bring a sack lunch to work, and in 50 years, you might have enough money to retire.” Yippee. Whoo-hoo. It’s no wonder so few people follow the traditional advice. The Other 8 Hours introduces some new unconventional strategies. It’s a book for the next level. Call it financial planning, version 2.0.

  • Get a Life. The Other 8 Hours is more than a whole new way to “get rich,” it also provides a blueprint for how to “get a life.” After talking to hundreds of people, a common theme began to emerge as I listened to the same cries for help.

    “I feel like there’s got to be something more. I feel like I’ve wasted the last ten years of my life. There’s just no way to get ahead. Everyone around me is doing something with their lives, and I’m just existing. I have no options and no way to change my life. I feel empty.”

    These are real feelings by real people and millions around the world share those feelings—maybe your neighbor, your hair stylist, the guy at the grocery store, your attorney, your spouse, and maybe even you.

    The Other 8 Hours will help you find your “pulse” and show you specifically how to use the other 8 hours to get a life.

There isn’t anything you can’t do by investing in the other 8 hours. You can earn extra money by freelancing, become an expert on off-roading vehicles, write a book for business owners, start an internet company, learn Chinese, create an infomercial around a novel product, earn your bachelor’s degree, form a rock band, learn to meditate, study industry journals to learn a new career, teach your child about business by starting a web portal, learn how to massage, study the Bible with friends, and about a million other .

Maybe you’re not convinced. Before you can use the other 8 hours to get a life and get rich , you have to recognize the importance of the other 8 hours. That’s the goal of the first section in the book—Get a Clue.

The Other 8 Hours is a book about life and money, but it’s also a message of hope. No matter who you are, where you live, how much debt you are in, or your level of education, you can invest in the other 8 hours and create a better life for yourself.

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