Get a Clue

I don’t know when it happened, but the rules for getting ahead have changed and nobody got the memo. We plugged into a belief system that promised our hard work would enable us to pay our bills, send our kids to college, enjoy retirement, and live a balanced life with time for our family and friends. How’s that working so far?

We’ve had to run faster and faster just to stay in place. Job security is an oxymoron. Increasing expenses and high debt levels weigh us down. Taxes and inflation take a huge bite out of our ability to save for our future. Our solution? Cram more into our already overscheduled calendars without determining how or if these commitments and responsibilities are getting us closer to our ideal life.

This solution is clearly not working. We’re overextended and overstressed. We aren’t any closer to achieving our goals because we have been chipping away at the one thing that can give us more meaning and income—the other 8 hours.

But before you can use the other 8 hours to close your gaps and achieve your ideal life, you first must recognize the power of our free time. Here are a few things this section will teach you:

  • Almost everything important you’ve ever experienced occurred during the other 8 hours.
  • The time you sleep and work help you survive, but the other 8 hours can help you thrive.
  • The problems with the traditional approach to work, saving, and investing.
  • Why it has become harder to get ahead.
  • Why the other 8 hours is the answer to closing our gaps, improving financial security, and living a more meaningful life.

We spend the first quarter of our lives learning and growing, but then something happens and we stop investing in ourselves. This section is your wake up call to the challenges we face if we don’t use the other 8 hours.

Get More Time

If you feel like you don’t have 8 minutes let alone 8 hours, this section is for you! Before you can get a life and get rich, you have to get the one thing we are all lacking . . . time. Reclaiming as much of the other 8 hours as possible is our first goal because without it, we are stuck. We can’t make more money, start a business, get in better shape, learn how to Salsa, become more intimate with our spouse, or finally finish reading Charlotte’s Web to our children. We need the other 8 hours to live and pursue our dreams and goals.

The goal of this section is NOT to free up more of your time only so you can put in more hours at the office or add unfulfilling commitments to your schedule. It is NOT about running around trying to do more. It is NOT about adding stress or anxiety to your already overscheduled and overworked day.

The goal isn’t to cram more into your day, it’s to get more out of your day. The more of the other 8 hours you have, the more you can focus on those pursuits that make your life more fulfilled and get you closer to reaching your goals. You’ll learn strategies to take back control of your time and your life including:

  • Reduce commitments that aren’t important or rewarding.
  • Partner with others and use their time.
  • Eliminate activities that drain your time and energy.
  • Become more efficient.

Get More Money

Now that you have a little more free time, this section will show you how to use the other 8 hours to make more money (the last section of the book will show you how to “get a life”). We’re living at an amazing time where it’s possible to catapult our finances to a new level with a little creativity and free time. As you read this, there are people just like you who are taking advantage of today’s resources and technology to not just supplement their income, but to radically improve their finances.

The old rules say you need to work harder and longer. That you need to cut your expenses and sacrifice today for an uncertain and distant future. But what if you’ve followed the old rules and are still struggling to survive? What if there’s a gap between where you are and where you’d like to be? And what if there’s no way of closing that gap with the old rules? Should you give up on your dreams and settle for a life that is less than ideal?

Fortunately there’s a better approach. You can become a Cre8tor—someone who uses the other 8 hours to create. This section will show you the opportunities to create and provide you with tips, strategies, and resources to thrive using the Cre8tor approach .

  • What a Cre8tor is and how you can become one.
  • How to profit from the consumer mentality.
  • How to minimize risk and maximize success.
  • Answers to the most frequently asked Cre8tor questions.
  • Nine Cre8tor Channels to start making money.

Close the gap by using the other 8 hours to make more money.

Get a Life

The previous section focused on how to make more money, but there’s more to life than money. We want more money, but we also want a life. Unfortunately, these dual goals often turn into dueling goals where the choice becomes living a rich life or being rich.

We want to make more money, but we also want to travel to travel to Tuscany and watch the leaves turn in Vermont. We want to run a 5K and lose 20 pounds. We want to take our spouse on a date and play with our kids at a park. We want to speak French and cross-stitch a picture. We want to master the waltz and perfect squash stuffed dumplings. We want to plant flowers and grow tomatoes. We want to read The Grapes of Wrath and play poker. And yes, we also want to just sit and relax.

The good news is that you can get rich and live a rich life, but you need to do something different with the other 8 hours. Too many of us feel stuck in a never ending cycle. We’ve plugged into a routine that neither inspires nor enriches us. We get up, go to work, fight traffic on the way home, squeeze in a couple of hours of TV, go to bed, and do it all over again the next day. We’ve hit the “pause” button on our health, our relationships, and our dreams thinking we’ll get to them someday.

For many, that someday never comes. Years and even decades slip by. We survive and exist, but we don’t thrive or truly live. For that “someday” to become today, you need to get clear on what “get a life” means to you, and you need to invest the other 8 hours into activities that enrich you and bring you closer to your ideal life.

This section will show you the core principles for what it takes to live a rich life. You will learn:

  • How to identify your gaps—those areas in your life where you seek positive change.
  • How to create IMPACT goals.
  • Hot to identify potential problems and setbacks before they occur.
  • How to use the other 8 hours to obtain your ideal life.
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