Get a Clue

Chapter 1
Life Begins at 5:00PM:
The Other 8 Hours Determine Your Happiness & Net-Worth
Chapter 2
The Living Dead & The Dead Broke:
Why It’s So Hard To Get Ahead

Get More Time

Chapter 3
Getting The Other 8:
How You Can Get More Time & Get More Out Of It
Chapter 4
Reclaim Your Life by Avoiding These 24 Time & Life Suckers

Get More Money

Chapter 5
Shift from Consumer to Cre8tor:
The New Strategy For Creating Wealth
Chapter 6
The Big List of FAQs
What You Need To Know Before You Get Started
Chapter 7
The Cre8tor Rules:
The 8 Rules To Minimize Risk and Maximize Success
Chapter 8
The Top 9 Cre8tor Channels
Your “How To” Guide to Make Money

Get a Life

Chapter 9
Could’ve, Should’ve, Would’ve:
What it Takes to Really Live
Chapter 10
Find Your Pulse:
Uncover Your Passions & Your Ideal Life
Chapter 11
Stop Talking & Start Getting:
How to Use the Other 8 Hours to Create the Life You Want
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