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I have produced 4 FREE resources to help you do just that. These resources, inspired from my new book The Other 8 Hours, will help you put the book’s ideas into practice and help you live a richer life.

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4 Free Resources You’ll Receive

BONUS: Plus, I’m going to include my eBook PLAN Z totally free!

Plan ZOf course you should pay off your credit cards, right? Wrong. Pay down your mortgage? Nope. Contribute to a 401(k)? No way. Save for college? Absolutely not.

This 75 page how-to guide will show you what actions you need to take to protect yourself and your family. This recession could be one of the ugliest we’ve seen since the Great Depression. That’s why this book is called Plan Z. Plan b, plan c, plan d, etc. might not be enough this time around. Because nobody knows how bad it is going to get, you need to prepare for the worst-you need to have a Plan Z.

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1. Take the Other 8 Hours Assessment
Not sure how important the “other 8 hours” are in your life? Within minutes you’ll know exactly what the “other 8 hours” have done for you and why the time you are not sleeping or working is the solution to create new wealth and purpose.

Cre8tor Audio Image
2. 5 Reasons Why You Must Become a Cre8tor Audio
Don’t know what a Cre8tor is? Learn how this simple concept can radically change your life and your finances. Seth Godin says, “Just one simple decision—to become a Cre8tor—is enough to change your life for the better.” Now you can learn how to become a Cre8tor.

3. Other 8 Hours Model Poster
Want an easy reminder of the book’s key concepts? Download this valuable poster and hang it in your bathroom or near your desk.

Coming Soon4. Insights About the Other 8 Hours From the Author Video
Watch Robert Pagliarini share his story and inspiration behind The Other 8 Hours and learn how he struggled with but eventually found the answer to this question: “What do I need to do to achieve this personal freedom and financial success?”

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